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Advent Carols + St Nicholas

2009 October 13
by Gordon Reid

15-1I’m meeting today with Peter Conte, our organist, to plan the Advent Carol Service for December 6th, which also happens to be the Feast of Santa Claus, St Nicholas, Bishop of Myra. As well as the best of the Advent Carols which look ahead to the coming Feast of Christmas, we will also have some of the great St Nicholas carols.

As well as providing a moving act of worship in preparation for Christmas, the service will serve to raise money for the charitable work of St Clement’s. Admission will be by ticket only, costing $25.00, which is a modest sum when you consider that St Clement’s Choir is reckoned to be the best professional choir in the city and Peter Conte one of the top organists in the country. However, we are keeping the entry charge low, so that no one need feel excluded, while at the service itself I will make an appeal for larger gifts towards the church’s charitable work, run by our Helping Others group.

Today I am also writing to some of the friends of St Clement’s who might be in a position to start off the fund-raiser by giving gifts to underwrite the costs of the service. “Ask and ye shall receive” has always proved true in my ministry. Many Christians with enough and to spare of this world’s goods are only too happy to give generously as long as they can be sure that their money will be put to a Christian use. Too often, large charities seem to spend more on staff costs than on their charitable work.

The money raised from the Advent Carols will provide gifts for poor elderly housebound people, hot meals for homeless men in a local winter shelter, food and clothing served from two church soup kitchens, and other “corporal works of mercy” to use the delightful old term. So if any of you who read my ┬áblog feel moved to help, please give what you can. None of it will go to waste.

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  1. Ron permalink
    October 13, 2009

    How lovely the Advent Carols will be, sung in S. Clement’s at dusk 5 p.m. on Dec. 6. Candlelight, perhaps?

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