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Burns on God’s Love & Forgiveness

2009 September 5
by Gordon Reid


From “Epistle to Davie, a Brother Poet”

“O all ye Pow’rs who rule above!

O Thou whose whose very self art love! Thou know’st my words sincere!”

From “A Prayer in the Prospect of Death”

“Where human weakness has come short,

Or frailty stept aside,

Do Thou, All-good – for such Thou art -

In shades of darkness hide.

Where with intention I have err’d,

No other plea I have,

But, Thou art good; and Goodness still

Delighteth to forgive.”

I love this Christlike understanding of human weakness and hidden strength from the

“Address to the Unco Guid” (or to the Rigidly Righteous):

Then gently scan your brother man,

Still gentler sister woman;

Tho’ they may gang a kennin wrang,

To step aside is human:

One point must still be greatly dark,

The moving why they do it;

And just as lamely can ye mark

How far perhaps they rue it.

Who made the heart, ’tis He alone

Decidedly can try us:

He knows each chord, its various tone,

Each spring, its various bias:

Then at the balance let’s be mute,

We never can adjust it;

What’s done we partly may compute,

But know not what’s resisted.”

And another indication of Burns’ grasp of the Gospel, from “A Winter’s Tale”:

“But deep this truth impress’d my mind:

Thro’ all His works abroad,

The heart benevolent and kind

The most resembles God”.

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  1. Kumar permalink
    April 14, 2010

    ´╗┐Very interesting article, I really liked! That God’s blessings and love of Jesus be with you:)

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