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George MacDonald (8) – The Humour of Jesus

2009 May 21
by Gordon Reid

Though sometimes we get the impression that MacDonald viewed stern duty as the main motive in life, this is often lightened by wonderful touches of humour.

If the shortest verse in the Bible is “Jesus wept”, then Annie Anderson in Alec Forbes is sure that the second shortest should have been “Jesus laughed”. She cites his tender attitude to children as proof of this. But she could as well have mentioned other moments in our Lord’s ministry when (however solemnly we read or chant them in church) he may have kept a straight face, but his eyes and his voice must have been full of laughter. “Dear faithless friends, the hairs of your head are all numbered!” Yes even Andrew’s, to whom a barber might have charged a search-fee if later iconography is to be believed. And what laughter must have been provoked by and shared with Jesus at his “solemn” assurance: “Ye are of more value than many sparrows”!

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