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Some Amusing Gems of Wisdom

2009 May 19
by Gordon Reid

“She lives for others; you can tell the others by the hunted expressions on their faces.

          (C. S. Lewis)

“One grand aim of the reformers of the Scottish ecclesiastical modes appears to have been to keep the worship pure and the worshippers sincere, by embodying the whole in the ugliest forms that could be associated with the name of Christianity.”

          (George MacDonald)

“”Never” wrote Reginald to  his most darling friend, “be a pioneer. It’s the Early Christian that gets the fattest lion”.


The Duchess suppressed a sniff. She was one of those people who regard the Church of England with patronizing affection, as if it were something that had grown up in their kitchen garden.”


“First it was accused that Jesus was a Sabbath-breaker. Secondly that he was “a gluttonous man, and a winebibber, a friend of publicans and sinners” – or (to draw aside the veil of Eizabethan English which makes it all sound so much more respectable) that he ate too heartily, drank too freely, and kept very disreputable company, including grafters of the lowest type and ladies who were no better than they should be.

“For nineteen and a half centuries, the Christian Churches have laboured, not without success, to remove this unfortunate impression made by their Lord and Master. They have hustled the Magdalens from the Communion table, founded Total Abstinence Societies in the name of Him who made the water wine, and added improvements of their own, such as various bans and anathemas upon dancing and theatre going. They have transferred the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday and, feeling that the original commandment “thou shalt not work” was rather half-hearted, have added to it a new commandment, “thou shalt not play.”

          (Dorothy Sayers)


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