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The End is Nigh

2014 August 24
by Gordon Reid

My second-last Sunday as Rector of St Clement’s, and I face it with mixed feelings. I am, of course, sad to be leaving, but I am also looking forward to a change. What the change will be, I don’t yet know, but that has been true many times in my ministry before.

I fly to London on August 31st (assuming the Icelandic volcano’s eruption hasn’t shut down Europe’s airspace) and will stay with my oldest friend, another Gordon, with whom I went to school in the Scottish Borders 60 years ago. Then I go to Edinburgh to stay with Grant for a week or two and see some of my friends there. Thereafter the glass ball clouds over and the future is unclear. I find this very refreshing, though I know many of you would find it just the opposite and would worry about where you would be in a month or two’s time. But my ministry has taken me from Edinburgh, through Oxford, Salisbury and Inverness, to Ankara, Stockholm, London, Gibraltar and Milan, and then to Philadelphia. And – which younger clergy, used to a completely different system, find amazing – I have never once applied for any of these jobs. ┬áSo we’ll see what comes up, as they say.

Without wanting to seem overly pious, it is when I look back that I can see what God was up to in calling me to my various posts in the Church. I trust that he is in charge and will go with me wherever my next post may be, and then looking back later I will see why. That is why I am as excited as a child waiting for Christmas!

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  1. Stewart Lindsay permalink
    August 26, 2014

    Well well well. Age has caught up with you at long last. Been a long and colourful career and no doubt it is not yet at an end even if it is nigh. Often think about you and how you have travelled the world. Glad to hear you are well though.

    • Gordon Reid permalink*
      August 30, 2014

      Stewart, I don’t feel ready to retire yet, so may bo little locus-type jobs for a bit. Let’s have a drink when I’m in Edinburgh.

  2. Pat Cant permalink
    August 27, 2014

    Gordon my best wishes and prayers are with you on the next steps of your journey.
    Perhaps may see you at OSP when you are in Edimburgh. Although David and I are heading
    to Dubai to visit our daughter from 18th September – so perhaps not!
    Love and prayers Pat

    • Gordon Reid permalink*
      August 30, 2014

      We may coincide in OSP, Pat. I hope so, but if not right now, then probably a bit later. Have a great time in Dubai.

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