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2014 July 11
by Gordon Reid

Since I posted on the subject of my retiral, I have been touched by how many friends have suggested that I do no such thing! No, they don’t want me to insist on staying at St Clement’s, but they do have various suggestions as to what I might do.

The most popular suggestion is that I should look for an interim post either in the USA or in my old Diocese in Europe. And those who have suggested this will be happy to hear that that is exactly what I mean to do. But first I intend to have a break and a bit of vacation time in the UK. That need not, of course, stop me from looking for interim posts after, say the end of September. So if any readers of this blog know of any church in need of a locum tenens, I’ll be glad to hear from them.

The second most popular suggestion is that I should carry out my proposal (threat!) to write my Autobiography now that I will have more time to do so. And again, I am not averse to this, though I have been astonished at how much time and effort is needed to track down  who, when, where and why in one’s life. One kind friend even suggested it could be compared with Colin Stephenson’s “Merrily on High”, but there is no way I could reach the flow of merriment with which Colin recounted the “churchy” bit of his life. But I confess I have greatly enjoyed writing the bits I have already done, and will almost certainly  continue this.



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  1. Michael permalink
    July 11, 2014

    I had already suggested Vancouver, though I fear you would find it a tad quiet and ‘low church’ if churched at all!!

  2. Roger Holmes permalink
    July 11, 2014

    Perhaps, Gordon, you could be like the retired Methodist minister whose church described him as “serving God in an advisory capacity”.

  3. Mike Haines permalink
    July 18, 2014

    Gordon…if I don’t have an opportunity to see you, fare thee well! My experience is that retirement is just one more leg of the journey. God leads the way and you will know where your path leads. Take some time off and wait quietly for your new “orders”, they will come and joy will too. God’s Peace always. Mike+

  4. Stephen permalink
    July 27, 2014

    I see that my time is running out when it comes to the likelihood of ever meeting You in person, Father. I live only a short distance away from Saint Clement’s over on the Jersey side of the river but it is very difficult for me to travel.

    Father Reid, I want You know that You have ministered to me in a very significant way via this blog. I find this particularly true since my own Church (Holy Mother herself! The one who reigns from the Eternal City) seems to have gotten meaner on Gay issues over the last few decades. The election of Pope Francis gives me a ray of hope, but hardly ameliorates the decades of vitriol aimed at Gay Catholics by some in the magisterium. Against this backdrop, Your posts have been such refreshing drinks of life-giving water! I have enjoyed them immensely and have posted replies here on several occasions. Do You plan to continue this blog after retirement? I certainly hope so!

    Whether I get to meet You before the end of August or not, I want to wish You the very best in retirement and god’s choicest blessings!

    Cordially, Stephen (Pennsauken NJ)

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