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Cast your bread.

2012 November 6
by Gordon Reid

Someone mocked the writer of Ecclesiastes  for advising people to “cast their bread upon the water”, saying that the only result will be that when you fish it out it will be soggy. Oh the dangers of a literal interpretation of Scripture!

Solomon (or whoever wrote Ecclesiastes) was really saying “If you have any money left over from your daily needs, invest it wisely and it will come back to you increased”. And as the Church comes up to “the Stewardship Season”, priests all over the place will be suggesting to their flocks that the wisest place to invest some of that money  is not Wall St or the London Stock Exchange but with Holy Mother Church.

I know that is what I will be doing from the pulpit on Sunday, November 18. But I will be preaching to the choir, since  most of the people in the church that day will already have made their generous pledges, which this year are way up on former years already.

But our web site will also be casting some bread upon the wider waters of the many hundreds of people who receive our emails and newsletters and special events announcements. Some of them are isolated Christians, unhappy with any of the churches near them, and counting on St Clement’s web  site to inspire them with its recordings, its devotional articles, its music and liturgy. Others are happy members of their own churches, but  they look on St Clement’s as their “Second Church”, (a wide-spread phenomenon in this day of easy travel). I am sure that some of them will be moved to give a one-off gift to St Clement’s in the coming  year, as several of them have done this last year.

All who pledge to St Clement’s for 2013, either by paper pledge form or on line, will be casting their bread upon the water knowing that it will be used for God’s work in this place. But a better metaphor is that of depositing some of our money in the heavenly bank. I will never forget my  astonishment at the effrontery (or just normal Italian familiarity with the divine) of those who  named the bank in Rome “Banco di Santo Spirito”! But in a sense that is where we are putting the money we give to the Church. And, unlike earthly banks, the interest God pays  is both regular and enormous. Let’s lay up treasure in heaven.

So what are you waiting for? Go to our web site, and under “Giving” you will see how to make a one-off donation or a pledge for the year. You will reap a hundredfold.


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