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I had Kittens!

2012 June 7
by Gordon Reid

Early this morning when I was opening the back door of the church, I heard a chorus of pitiful miaous. I followed the sound, and there on the doorstep was a red leather bag. When I unzipped the top, I saw nine tiny kittens gazing up.

I have to admit that my ¬†first thought was: “Thank God it’s not a baby”!

I picked up the bag and took my nine little guests to my kitchen, where I warmed up some milk and set them round saucers of it. Big mistake! My vision of contented kittens sipping quietly and casting shy looks of gratitude in my direction was soon shattered. Some of the tiniest of them walked into the milk; some bigger ones ran in several directions. In ten minutes, I appreciated the truth of the saying; “It was like trying to herd cats into a bag”.

But in the end I did get them back into the bag and carried them off, protesting loudly, to a near-by Animal Shelter. Well, a notice informed me it was closed on Thursdays. No rescuing on Thursdays. So I then drove five miles to a bigger Animal Rescue facility. It was not only open, it was humming with activity. I was greatly impressed with the efficiency with which everything was looked after.

The kittens were decanted into a much larger and airier container than the bag I’d brought them in. My information was fed into a computer, which then spat out a sheet with the details of the nine kittens – and names for them all! The machine must be programmed to assign a suitable name to every animal brought in.

I left the nine little kittens, sure that they would be well looked after in such a clean and caring place and I hope that they will soon be adopted into homes where they will be loved.


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  1. Thomas Vocca permalink
    June 8, 2012

    It is true; God does indeed take care of His little ones. Had those kittens ended up elsewhere, they might not have been given such good care. This story warmed my heart and I had to reach for a tissue. Thank you for this! You made my day. :)

  2. Stacey permalink
    September 23, 2012

    Late reply; I’m catching up on reading!, Thank you for rescuing the kittens! How can people be so heartless? I could never put kittens in a bag and dump them. I love cats (I have three).

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