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Legacy from the Past

2011 October 18
by Gordon Reid

St Clement’s has just received notice of a legacy of about $23,000 from Mary McManemy. I had never heard of Mrs McManemy; nor had anyone else I asked. But I found an old file which showed that she had been a faithful communicant of St Clement’s at the end of the 19th century, and that she had died in 1901. She left $51,407 (a goodly sum of money  in 1901) in trust to her children, then to their children. When  the last of the grandchildren died, one fourth of her estate was left to St Clement’s, and that is what has now happened.

Imagine receiving that money after exactly 110 years! I am sure the Rector of St Clement’s in 1901 said a Requiem Mass for Mary McManemy’s soul, and I will be including her name in the Masses of All Soul’s Day.

Also, since the Vestry is now actively raising funds for the Curate’s Fund, I will be recommending to them that they add Mary McMenamy’s gift to this fund. I am sure Mrs McManemy would rejoice that she was able to make such a difference in the life of St Clement’s more than a hundred years after her death. And in the Curate’s first Requiem Mass after his Ordination as a priest, I would encourage him to make mention of Mary with all his own loved ones for whom he is bound to pray.

When we make our own wills, we should take such examples to heart and make provision for the continuance of our Church.


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  1. stacey permalink
    October 31, 2011

    The gift that keeps on giving! Blessings come from places you don’t expect..

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