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The Real Rapture

2011 May 23
by Gordon Reid

The saddest thing about the recent prophecy of an imminent Rapture was that it showed that so many  poor benighted evangelicals were so tired of their lives on earth that they wanted them to end.

This shows that they have never ever felt what the rest of us call “rapture”.

None of those who were taken in by poor Mr Camping’s delusions would understand what I will now assert.

Mother Teresa would kneel for hours before the Blessed Sacrament in rapture. But she would also kneel for hours by the bed of a dying pauper of Calcutta in a similar rapture. In both cases, she would say it was because she was looking at the Body of Christ.

Only lovers know what real rapture feels like, a taking up into the life of another person, whether that person be Jesus Christ or, more commonly, another human person. Self is forgotten, selfishness is abandoned, communion is established. And the very last thing desired is that this rapture, this life together, shall ever end.

And of course it won’t. It will be incredibly intensified by God in our resurrection in a new heaven and a new earth (and has any Bible worshipper ever stopped to ask why a new earth is needed, if the redeemed are going to heaven?)

I know my Bible better than any so-called prophet who has a precise calendar for the future (never mind their bizarre calendar of the past – dinosaurs and fossils are just God’s little tests for us!). I agree with the Lord Jesus when he said “No man knoweth the day nor the hour”.


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  1. John permalink
    May 23, 2011

    A most well written response to this situation. God bless you richly Father.

  2. Matthew Glandorf permalink
    May 24, 2011

    I have always been most impressed with your knowledge of scripture, and history.
    I too have felt saddened by the wholesale deception of people who have liquidated bank accounts, cheated their children of a college education, even euthanized their pets!
    And yet the poor, the lonely, the hungry, the unwanted, the sick, the persecuted and the unloved need us more than ever!



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