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2011 April 8
by Gordon Reid

Now that my blog appears automatically on my Facebook page, some of you, my friends, will be encountering it for the first time. So I took a look at it today, with the intention of picking out my favourite posts and guiding you to them. But I found it impossible: some are too ephemeral; others have been overtaken by events (though I’m glad to say, some were mildly prophetic).

Since I began in March, 2009, I have posted 255 posts, some of which seemed to pass unnoticed, while others generated long lines of comments. The amusing thing about lots of the comments is that they often lose sight of the post’s subject, and just begin to quarrel among themselves.

However, I looked at the tags attached to these 255 posts, and here are the subjects under which I have categorized them:

In the biggest typeface:   Clerical Life, Doctrines & Beliefs, Feasts & Fasts, St Clement’s Life.

In the medium typeface: Church Politics, George MacDonald.

In the small typeface:      Quotations, Humour, Travel, Colin Stephenson, Friends, G.H. Morrison.

In the tiny typeface:          Autobiography, Devotional, Robert Burns, Miscellaneous.

So there is something for nearly everyone. I must say, I enjoyed writing most of these entries, and I hope you, my new readers, will too.

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  1. Ron Emrich permalink
    April 8, 2011

    We enjoy every one of your posts, Father. Please keep them coming!

  2. ambly permalink
    April 8, 2011

    Indeed we do, Father. Keep at it.

    Often some posts never receive comments as they present matters that require little comment. Others are magnets for heated discussion – and unfortunately sometimes bickering as well…

    But your fresh take on the life of a parish priest is an encouragement to many.

  3. Chris Bates permalink
    April 11, 2011

    Here, here to all of the above!!

    Fr. Reid:

    Your posts are a breath of fresh air for Anglo/Roman Catholics alike!! please keep up the excellent work & a glorious Passion and Eastertide to you and all @ St. Clements!!

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