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Good things to come.

2010 October 26
by Gordon Reid

I’ve always found that the way I get through boring routine business is to contemplate the special things that are ahead. This morning I was going through files and thinning them out (than which very little is more boring) and so I cheered myself up by casting a glance ahead.

On Friday I have dinner for twelve to say farewell to a young priest who will be leaving Philadelphia shortly to take up his post as Rector of a parish for the first time. Though we will be sorry to see him go, we are thrilled that a parish has been sensible enough to choose him for their Rector.  I have a menu in my head,  and will now have to translate it into reality by some intensive shopping. I love doing an occasion like this but cannot imagine how a mother copes with three meals a day every day for her family.

Then I looked a few days further on, to Monday, the Feast of All Saints, when our Assisting Bishop, Rodney Michel, is coming to confirm and receive five new members into the Episcopal Church during the High Mass. Only one will require Confirmation, as the other four have already been confirmed by Roman Catholic Bishops and will simply be received into the Episcopal Church.

And the very next day we will have another High Mass in the evening, this time a Mass of Requiem, for the souls of all the Faithful Departed. Members of the congregation have been filling out lists of their loved ones who have died (and especially during the past year) and these names will be laid on the altar and remembered at both the Masses that day. The Solemn Plainsong High Mass is one of the most moving of the year.

So, with all that coming up within the week, I returned cheerfully to the weeding out of the files – well, at least with a more contented resignation!

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  1. October 27, 2010

    Good to see the new blog! Thanks for the book. I look forward to reading it (or reiding it, as the case may be).

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