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Guardians of Our Lady of Clemency

2012 November 28
by Gordon Reid

In the last few  months, I have installed several new Guardians of the Shrine of Our Lady of Clemency. They come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but share one thing – devotion to Our Lady, and to St Clement’s, Philadelphia, where Our Lady is honoured under the title of Clemency.

One of the new Guardians is English. He is The Revd Canon Jeremy Haselock, Precentor and Vice-Dean of Norwich Cathedral. He is one of the leading liturgical scholars of the Church of England, having degrees in both Theology and Mediaeval History. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the Guild of Church Musicians, and has recently been in the United States to deliver a series of lectures at Nashotah House, the Anglo-Catholic seminary in Wisconsin.

Canon Haselock joins two other clergy in the UK as Guardians of the Shrine. The others are Bishop Martin Warner, recently translated from being Bishop of Whitby, a suffragan see of the Archdiocese of York, to be the Diocesan Bishop of Chichester. He was formerly Administrator and Master of the Guardians of the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham, with which our Philadelphia shrine is associated. The other is Prebendary Bill Scott, sub-Dean of the Chapels Royal in London and domestic Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen.

The other new clerical Guardian is Fr Al Holland, who is a retired priest of the Diocese of Delaware and now an Assisting Priest of St Clement’s who regularly celebrates one of the daily Masses.

The new Lay Guardians come from a variety of backgrounds.  They include Curt Mangel, who has masterminded the restoration work on the famous Wanamaker organ, and has also recently spent hundreds of hours installing the new organ in the St John’s chapel of St Clement’s and connecting that lovely instrument up to our large main organ. The combined sound is sure to be spectacular. Another of the new Guardians, Fred Haas, has given enormous support to this  project, so that the ordinary funds of the parish have not been needed for this.

Another Lay Guardian is Marc Coleman who  has founded what is now a very thriving graphic design company, while giving hours of his time every month to keep the St Clement’s web site up to date and to oversee the production of our Newsletter and other publications

Then last, but not least, of the new Lay Guardians is Todd Grundy, an engineer and a scientist, who has been a faithful member of the congregation for over twenty years, and has taken a special interest in the Guild of All Souls, our devotional society which prays for the Departed.

All the Guardians, both new and old, clerical and lay, have their own special day of the month when they are prayed for by name in the Novena prayers at the Shrine of Our Lady after Evensong. In turn, I have asked that the priest members say Mass on that day or another day every month with an intention for St Clement’s, and that the lay guardians should attend Mass on their special day or one near it, with the same intention. Thus we have a body of  daily intercessors who can join their voices to our heavenly intercessors, Our Lady, St Clement & St Catherine, to promote the good of St Clement’s, Philadelphia.



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